Olswang x LawCanvas: The Dos and Don’ts of Singapore’s New Privacy Law

Written by Kristin Orset on 20th August 2014, Categories: Corporate Law, LawCanvas

Great turnout for our event on Singapore’s New Privacy Law. Thank you all for coming, hope it was fruitful! Read Full Article »

Managing Personal Data – A Guide for Startups

Written by Kristin Orset on 15th August 2014, Categories: Corporate Law

Here are some key highlights on the data protection provisions of the PDPA. Read Full Article »

So You Want to Create a Dream Team?

Written by Kristin Orset on 12th August 2014, Categories: Employment

But you lack information on employment related issues? Here's a guide to online resources in Singapore! Read Full Article »

How to Make The NDA a Valuable Asset

Written by Kristin Orset on 4th August 2014, Categories: Legal Documents

The NDA is an agreement most entrepreneurs have heard of before. But do you know why you should have one and when it is appropriate to use it? Read Full Article »

Photo: Kristin Orset /LawCanvas

Understanding the Founders Agreement Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Written by Kristin Orset on 29th July 2014, Categories: Legal Documents

Starting a business with somebody? A Founders' Agreement is not that scary! Read Full Article »

The Secret of the CPF

Written by Kristin Orset on 21st July 2014, Categories: Corporate Law, Employment

Setting up a business in a new country can be challenging. There is so much to get used to. A new home, new culture and new regulations to understand. Read Full Article »

Photo: Kristin Orset/ LawCanvas

LawCanvas Event: Founders’ Agreements Basics

Written by Kristin Orset on 14th July 2014, Categories: LawCanvas, Startups

On Jun 27th, a group of passionate entrepreneurs gathered at The Hub Singapore to learn more about Founders Agreements and to also see a demo of our recently launched LawCanvas web app. Read Full Article »

At the office

Having a Foreigner Join Your Team?

Written by Kristin Orset on 8th July 2014, Categories: Employment

Kristin, our Norwegian intern, shares some insights on how you can do this well. Read Full Article »

Finding Mr. Right – How Do You Find Your Co-Founder?

Written by Kristin Orset on 30th June 2014, Categories: Startups

You have a great idea. You have validated customer pains and you believe that your idea is scalable. However, to execute the idea, you need help. Read Full Article »


Getting Frustrated Cutting and Pasting Legal Document Templates Yourself?

Written by Daniel Leong on 23rd June 2014, Categories: Legal Solutions

We’ve got something that’s going to be useful to you. LawCanvas is a web application to help small businesses create legal documents quickly and easily. Its so easy to use that you can get a NDA done in under a minute. Read Full Article »