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LawCanvas is intuitive to use and saves you time

Singapore Legal Template Library

Singapore Legal Template Library

You and your team have lots of work to do. We’ve got templates written for Singapore, so you don’t waste time searching.

Interactive Editing Features

Interactive Editing Features

Fill out document templates with our smart editor without breaking a sweat. Adding, deleting, and editing clauses has never been easier.

Plain English Explanations

Plain English Explanations

Having a headache reading legalese? Our plain English explanations make going though them a breeze.

LawCanvas has been a handy site for us to create contracts for our interns and part-timers very quickly. Takes just a few minutes to get an agreement set up, and has saved us so much time from searching for a template. It helps us stay focused on the things that really matter in our startup like product and growth.

Quek Siu Rui
Co-founder, Carousell

LawCanvas is such a wonderful and fantastic platform for start-ups. It has definitely saved me loads of time from finding agreement templates that are not necessarily applicable..

Wong Peishan
Co-founder, Onelook

I love using LawCanvas! It really simplified many unfamiliar legal details with just a few simple steps, and is extremely user-friendly.

Matthias Tay
Co-founder, Pastry Den

A convenient way to get legal stuff done

You’re creating a new website or app and need legal documents prepared. So you go online, search, and spend hours making Frankenstein documents from different templates from overseas that are not applicable to your product. Are those terms standard in Singapore for your industry? Who knows. So you do a copy-paste, and hope for the best.

LawCanvas provides small businesses in Singapore with an easy-to-use platform to get legal templates that are relevant to your needs whether you are building an E-commerce site, forum, SaaS website, or even a mobile app.